Faversham Armani

IAR - Number: 91956

Date of Birth: 18/11/2005

Colour: Solid Light Fawn

Sire: Windsong Valley Iceman

Dam: Faversham Olivia

Armani genetics are a great legacy of his owner/breeder Sue Wiltshire, Faversham Alpacas

Armani continues to prove that he was a top quality male. He had Championship awards over four years of exhibiting and now his numerous Champion progeny. Armani exhibited an excellent dense fleece, with uniformity of character. All of Armani’s past fleeces were are all an excellent example of his descendants advanced fleece type. The outstanding lustre, soft handle, deep bold crimp and thin uniform staples, must be seen to be believed.

Armani demonstrated that he passed on many of the same impressive fleece qualities to his offspring and now in subsequent generations too.

Armani’s skin test results confirm he was quality, and inspection of his sons and daughters will not disappoint.

Some of Armani’s successes are listed below:

  • SUPREME CHAMPION & Junior Champion Male 2006 Perth Royal Show
  • Junior Champion Male 2006 NATIONAL SHOW
  • Champion Senior Male 2009 Whiteman Show
  • SUPREME CHAMPION Fleece 2007 Williams Fleece Show, 2007 Perth Royal Show & 2007 Albany Show
  • Champion Fleece 6-12mths 2007 Whiteman Show & 2007 Winter Show
  • Champion Fleece 18-30mths 2008 Whiteman Show
  • Champion Fleece 30-48mths 2009 Whiteman Show
  • Reserve Champion Fleece 30-48mths 2009 Winter Show
  • Champion Fleece 30-48mth 2009 Perth Royal Show
  • Champion Fleece 30-48mth 2009 Albany Show
  • Reserve Champion Fleece 30-48mth 2010 Whiteman Show
  • Champion Fleece 48-60mths 2011 Whiteman, Albany & Perth Royal Show

Awards & Successes

  • Faversham Larry (pictured) - WA Alpaca of the Year 2014, Supreme Light Fawn WA Colourbration 2014, Champion Senior Male Perth Royal Show 2014, Champion Intermediate Male Perth Royal Show 2012 & Supreme Champion Fleece Albany Show 2012
  • Faversham Broadway (cria fleece pictured) - Champion Junior male NATIONAL SHOW Bendigo 2014
  • Goldleaf Nobility ET - Champion Junior male NATIONAL SHOW Adelaide 2012, Best Light Fawn Huacaya Albany 2013 & Supreme Champion Albany Show 2012
  • Goldleaf Regal Poise ET - Champion Senior Female NATIONAL SHOW Bendigo 2014 & Champion Junior Female Perth Royal Show 2012
  • Goldleaf Fair Maid - Champion Junior Female Albany 2014
  • Faversham Simon - Champion Intermediate Male Albany Show 2012
  • Sunline Jorja ET - Champion Junior Female Whiteman 2011

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